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Oraal(2005) is the debut movie of director Kukku Surendran. I liked the movie but this is the movie that one may not like to watch it in cinema hall. This movie can be enjoyed watching in DVD or TV. The movie was made with lot of financial constraints and there were a few controversy related to the script but I feel that Kikku and the crew members has done an excellent film. Oraal is a different kind of film, I would say that it falls in the category where the story fools the audience. This movie was the inagural film for Cochin International film festival-2005 and Director Adoor Gopalakrishnan praised Kukku for his direction during the film festival. The story has only three characters . I would not like to give away the story because it will take away the suspense (Sorry Resaf I am disappointing you again :)).
Renowned writer cum film-maker Gautam Shankar (Mukesh) is going alongwith his girlfriend Isla (Shreya Reddy) to a tourist house which is located inside a dense forest. Gautam is going there to write the script for his next film. During the journey through the dense forest towards the guest house, Gautam feels that he is being followed by someone. Though this is a very low budget movie, the forest has been captured excellently and at some moment I felt that I am really inside a dense forest. The Background music was used brilliantly. In the middle of the forest the car breaks down and both of them take refuge in a small abonded hut. As there is nobody in that dense forest, Gautham decided to stay in this hut for a few days and complete the script. Gautham always feel that somebody is following him and one day he happens to see a man in the forest. Gautham gets disturbed and to worsen the situation one day he observes that the stranger has befriended Isla. At one point Gautham comes to face to face with the stanger and the stanger questions the achievements of Gautham. Gautham feels frustrated unable to take it anymore, one day he tries to kill the stanger and escape.
Back home in the city, both Gautham and Isla start normal life . but after a few days one day Gautham again sees the stanger in bed with Isla. Not able to control his emotions and anger, he tries to stabs the stanger to death.
Who was this stanger? What was the relation between Isla and Stanger?....You need to watch this movie to know the suspense...It has a very unguessable climax. Mukesh who usually does comedy roles has a very serious role and he has done full justice to the character of Gautham Shankar. Shreya Reddy is okay and the actor in the role of Stranger is also done a commendable job. I dont think everybody will like this movie but if you want to watch a different film on your DVD during the weekend that will make you think, then go for this one.


Anonymous risaf said...

I have told u every time u write a review on any movie,if at all u dont want to write the climax then atleast scrap me the climax...nee verudhe manushyane tension adipichu orakkam kalayaan.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Shankar said...

LOL... :D...
hahahaha atleast now u r awake risaf, else I always see you sleeping in your chairs without doing any work... heheh
I guess Sudhi is doing the right job to keep you awake.. hehe

8:27 PM  

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