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I saw Parzania and in it the Gujarat riots. The movie presented the riots, their cause and after effects. I shivered.....shocked...the thought of myself in that situation sent shivers down my spine. Someone has had the courage to show what happened, and the talent with which to show it. Parzania is highly relevant in today's intolerant society. It shows how religion can be used as a weapon. Parzania is also a scathing attack on governments which exploit religion for votebank politics
Parzania, the movie, is a drama about the Gujarat riots that occurred in February 2002, post-Godhra. It recounts the nightmarish experiences the Muslims had to go through as a result of a Hindu backlash to protest against the Godhra train fire which killed 58 Hindu pilgrims. The horror and violence that we had read about in newspapers come alive in Parzania.
Based on a true-life incident, about a Parsi couple searching for their son who has been missing since the Gujarat riots.
I would like to give a standing ovation to the Director Rahul Dholakia and his crew for the courage to bring such a sensitive issue to the audience. Sarika and Naseeruddin shah....just one word.....Brilliant. The movie was not released in Gujarat as Bajrang Dal and to some extent State Govt were against releasing it in Gujarat.
I ask every Indian to please go see Parzania. Riots must not happen. When i think of India after a few years...I think of High end technology, wide and cleaner roads, planned cities, better facilities, high living standard, good education, better facilities but after I watched this movie I am forced to think that there is a lot more to be done before we think of all that....we need peace....we need to uproot corruption....we need to understand the country like our home!! Having said that, I still believe India is the greatest country and I still have faith in our young democracy and am bullish that it will prevail.
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In Director Rahul Dholakia's words.


Anonymous risaf said...

when it comes to communal riots, I feel that in south india most often we dont see such horrifying communal riots but only political riots which sometimes takes worst face, and in other parts of our country for political benefits even a minor issue will take a communal turn for which only politicians should be blamed and not common people like us, I feel that if there is a basic qualification criteria implemented to select ministers and our country have more educated and qualified ministers, and then there is a chance that we can have a peaceful India

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