Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Parallel Universe

I have always believed in theory about parallel universes. We all know that the human eyes are capable of seeing colors between a certain frequency band. similarly we've also learnt that hear sounds only within a certain frequency band whereas other animals can see and hear colors and sounds even beyond these frequencies. Now this must be true for all our senses - sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. This means that we are experiencing a part of the universe around us while there definitely exists another part which we do not experience and just because we do not experience it does not mean that it does not exist! so we could say that we exist in the 'world' which we experience and there exists one or more other 'world' which we cannot experience and are not aware of! So now the question is, is it possible that there is an entire universe existing parallely with our universe which we are not aware of, which is beyond our experience? and is it possible that the creatures in those universe may or may not be aware of our existence? It might be possible that it is they who are controlling us or using us for their needs. We have devices which are able to measure signals and transmissions beyond those of human perception but just like the limitations of our sense organs i believe these instruments would also have a limitations. It is also possible that what you buy for your daily needs from the shop near you are actually the wastes discarded by the creatures from parallel universe :). Imagine that our day to day activities are the source of entertainment for these creatures, a sort of reality show for those beings. Oh God! I feel that I am getting out of this universe and have hacked into the the 'System' of the parallel universe :).
Imagine, there must be another 'being' sitting here next to me and smiling at these conclusions that i am arriving at and another one sitting next to you reading this with you :-).


Anonymous Shankar said...

Hi Sudhi...

First of all don't scare the readers.. hehehehe

Well that was the one of the best ever read blog of yours.. you may be right and as you said, when living things in Earth must have such difference, then may be there would be living things which are invisible too.......

anywayz.. good thought.... if I were a flash programmer, I would have created a small presentation (lively presentation) on this....

I would say to you that.... please never stop writing.. keep writing... keeeeeeep writing.. :)

9:21 AM  
Blogger Kochoottan said...

"Imagine that our day to day activities are the source of entertainment for these creatures, a sort of reality show for those beings."

That was quite interesting and hilarious blog.

"Oh My God, I feel I am being watched."

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Saleem Patel said...

Hi Sudhi !
Nice and interesting blog. Yes you are right there are beings which are around us. God created us with mud and HE has also created beings with fire and light(Noor). Jinns are created by fire and Angels are created by light(Noor). We cannot see them but they can see us. Dogs can see Jinns. Like wise there are many things in the universe. UFO's are another thing. We think we are advanced scientifically, but we are not. Science is still baby and its still growing up. Anyways this topic can be discussed for ages, its an never ending subject. However its nice to see you are reasoning things which are out of the world. I hope you get all your questions answered.

9:28 AM  

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