Friday, March 14, 2008

Looser....but still a Hero..

Let me recollect two incidents that happened last week and my thought over the incidents :
Incident No. 1, Early Morning Hours : My shift at office starts at 6.30am, so everyday I keep alarm for 5.30am and start from my house to office at 6.15 am. Punctuality is one thing that I have learnt from my childhood and actually it is my father who imbibed this habit on me. But today when I opened my eyes, saw light everywhere inside the room....checked my alarm clock.....oh No... forgot to set the alarm last night before getting into bed. It was already 6.50am....straight away went to bathroom and finished my morning routines and got dressed...time was just ticking and it was already 7.10am....It took some more time to get my bike out of the parking space as most of my neighbours had parked their bike and scooter in a haphazard manner near my vehicle. Back of my mind I was cursing everybody in anger.....neighbours for parking vehicles in improper manner, the movie that I watched the previous night due to which I went to bed late, the street roads that was dug up everywhere, and so on......I started my bike and zoomed towards office...I reached near HAL market road and from that place the road condition is good so I picked up pace and swirled the bike through the office going HAL employees and the mammoth vehicles on the road. My hand and feet worked spontaneously on the clutch and gear in perfect rhythm like a dancer. Suddenly I saw a guy standing near the Airport Road junction and making gesture with his hands as if asking for a lift... Usually I dont stop my vehicle if anybody asks for lift..... but watching this guy, neatly dressed and with a small folder in his hand and the innocent smile somehow made me bring my vehicle to stop....four, three, two , one , neutral...opened the front glass of my helmet and looked back.. The guy came to me and requested if I can drop him near the Domlur-Koramangala signal... I agreed..... It was already 7.40 and I thought that it is not going to make much difference if at all I give a lift to this person because I am already late today. I took off again and at Murugeshpalya signal I looked into the mirror, the guy was sitting with the same calm face but looked as if he is in some deep thought... Out of curiousity I broke the silence and asked where is he going. He immediately replied in Hindi, that he is going for an interview for a job at Koramangala and as he is new to Bangalore, started early so that he can find the exact venue of the interview. As there was no much traffic, Domlur signal came too soon and the guy got down. He gave a smile and a thanks....I too reacted with a smile and went ahead...
Incident No. 2, Same day evening hours : Myself along with wife and daughter, went to Safal Vegetable market at Jeevanbhima Nagar. After purchasing vegetable we planned to have some snacks from the nearby restraunt. I like the dosa and Sambar of Hotel 'Pongal', so we went to 'Pongal'...there was no much customers inside and there were lot of vaccant tables. We made ourselves comfortable at one corner. My daughter was making strange sounds sitting in my lap looking at the lights. The waiter came and we ordered for one ghee roast dosa and one plain dosa...after a few minutes my daughter became restless and started crying,, we tried to make her quiet but she was not listening... My wife said that we will carry the dosa home as daughter will not allow us to sit. I asked my wife to take the baby and wait outside while I get the parcel and pay. Went to waiter and asked him to make a parcel of the placed order. I was waiting for the parcel , meanwhile I saw the manager of the hotel going to this waiter and shouting at him....The waiter was standing speechless...I tried to listen to their conversation so that I can make out what the problem is....The waiter was newly recruited and actually by mistake he had asked the cook to make a plain dosa which infact nobody had ordered....The manager was scolding him and asked him to eat this dosa as punishment.....The waiter was listening to manager's angry words....and also packing my order of dosas..... when the manager left.. I went to the waiter and asked him to pack one more plain dosa as parcel... The waiter wrapped the dosa that manager had asked him to eat and handed them over to me....I could read the smile of relief on the waiter's face. I paid for the parcel and headed home........
While going to sleep....I recollected the happenings of the day... the above two incidents had a great effect on me though these type of things happen daily with each one of us... I started to examine these incidents at a microscopic level...... The first incident of the guy going to interview.......I felt that the reason I got up late on that day might be because the purpose of my birth on that day was to give lift to that guy. If you look from the point of view of that person's life, he will be on his bed at the same time thanking God for the guy (that's me) who gave him the life early . So infact it was a bad start of day for me but it was a good start for him............The second incident the waiter might be thinking that I was like a God sent person as he was able to get rid of the extra dosa that he had ordered by mistake and was able to make the manager happy. Though in both these incidents I was the loser in a way but I was smiling, lying on bed and enjoying my role in both the above incidents.


Blogger Kochoottan said...

How can you interpret yourself as a loser here!!

Had you not given a lift/Had you not odered the extra dosa.....both cases you would have analysed and cursed yourself for being imprudent....yet again sleeping with a heavy heart.

Well written !!

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Saleempatel said...

Hi Sudhi !
Nice Blog...
"Jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye hota hai"
Your loss is some one else gain and some one else loss is your gain. This is the cycle of life. Everything is connected to each other. If every one starts analyzing like you, then I'm sure every person will have a smile while sleeping and have good rest to start a new day with joy and can spread the aura of joy to others. I feel like saying many more things, but the space is too less to describe. Its inspiring me to write blogs after reading your blog :-)
"Dil me bahut kuch hai par zubaan khamosh hai
Manzil to pata hai bas raaste ki talash hai"

1:27 PM  
Anonymous risaf said...

I can make you more happy, if you are ready to loose.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Saleem said...

Hahahahaha... nice one Risaf... Yaar Sudhi next time give the extra Dosa to Risaf :-)

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Shankar said...

Hi Sudhi....

Well written and what you really have assumed is right about the people who felt good about you (Say thanks to the movie and your kid as they have played the major role in this ;) ), because there was an incident in my life, wherein I had been to Pune and there was an auto driver who tried to fool me and I somehow got rid of him and went ahead to a group of guys in a near by juice center to help me out to the address I am looking for. They explained to me but donno what happened to one person among the group, took me all the way to the address in his bike and he after dropping me got back to his friends group...

As I could understand the conversation that the group had, it was that, one guy said "let him go as we have guided him the route", but the guy who dropped me said "Thats okay, I feel like dropping him to the right place... "

And you know what??? It was a great help from his side and I thanked him a lot for his help and I havent yet forgotten that!!! Not everybody is bad, there are some good people still existing....

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous poornima said...

U are really a hero here chetta

8:38 AM  

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