Monday, June 26, 2006


Saw Fanaa this weekend. the film was marketed with a lot of hype..yashraj films, aamair comming together with Kajol for the first time,Kajol's return to bollywood, etc. I watched it on VCD..The movie had everything at the right place except a good story line. I felt that aamir and kajol were looking too old for the respective roles. I could only sit throught the entire movie because of Ravi K Chandran's camerawork. The movie was nicely shot. The theme of the story was good if it was written and presented in a more matured and serious manner. Aamir character should have been given more reason for becoming terrorist. We see Rahan (Aamir) and Zooni(Kajol) dancing in the rain and the next scene they are sleeping together on bed. And what was interesting was, after the entire "sleep over" Kajol goes like, dont talk about it, dont even bother, just a one off thing. Imagine a guy saying that after a night cap :)
Finally we gotta give it to these film makers for their amazing success rate! I am talking about the "making of babies". Just once and bingo! How fertile do these heroin characters get :) . Tabu, Lara Dutta, Kiron kher, Rishi kapoor etc were in the movie for namesake. Director Kukku kohli was better in Hum-Tum but as far as Fanaa is considered I think it should have been treated by some mature director ( I prefer to watch Mani Ratnam's 'Dil Se', which was far superior product when compared with Fanaa). As per my rating I would give 3/10.


Blogger Madhu said...

Some very interesting points...esp about the girl getting away with the one-night-stand :-)
But I think you are being too strong on it, you can count a couple of good songs and some nice shayari and maybe give it a 5 or a 6?

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Blogger paul said...

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