Monday, June 26, 2006

Jhankaar Beats

I am right now sitting in my office all alone. We have a radio in our office that keeps playing the local FM station. Most of the time they keep playing the recent hit songs and the RJ's keep talking about stuff that are least interesting. It has been very windy and dark and overcast with rain lashing in parts. Its beautiful. I like this weather. And for some reason i feel like listening to some old RD numbers (The radio nowdays keep playing the irritating 'Nasal' songs by our 'CAP' man Himesh Reshamiyya).I am writing two of my fav songs (out of many) here :

1) Ek Hi Khwaab Kayi Baar Dekhaa Hai Maine
Tuune Sadee mein Udaas Li hai merii chaabhiyaan ghar kii
Aur Chalii Aayii Hai
Bas yunhi Meraa Haath Pakad Kar
Ek Hi Khwaab Kayi Baar ...
(from the movie 'Kinara'(1977),lyrics, Gulzar)

I like it a lot, but some of you may not. Bhupinder has sung it beautifully. Its conversational and the lyrics are just too beautiful. It also has Hema Malini's voice at some point. An excerpt from one of Gulzaar's interviews on this song:

When I took Ek hi khwab to Pancham, his first reaction was, "Kya hai ye... gaana hai ya scene hai?" I told him, "Yeh scene hai, par isse gaana hai." At which, he smacked his forehead in exasperation and exclaimed, "Koi kaam seedha nahin karta hai." After much grumbling, he deigned to read the song. He'd just reached the second line when his frown deepened. The line was Tune sari mein uddas li hain meri chaabiyan ghar ki. He pushed away his harmonium and started off again, "Is this a song? Chaabiyan koi poetry hoti hai?" Every time he hummed the tune, he'd stop at chaabiyan, grumble some more and request me to change the word. But I was adamant. He tried his best to make me change my mind but I didn't budge. (For a long time after that, he'd address me as Chaabiyan. Every time I entered his music room, he'd go, "Lo, Chaabiyan aa gayeen." And after that incident, he'd get after me whenever I used an unusual word. Which was quite often.)

I have only one problem with this song - Hema Malini's - Will you shut up! :D

2) raah pe rahate hain, yaadon pe basar karate hain
khush raho aehle watan hum to safar karte hain

jal gaye jo dhoop mein to saayaa ho gaye
aasmaan kaa koi konaa, thodaa so gaye
jo guzar jaati hai bas, us pe guzar karate hain

udate pairon ke tale jab bahati hai zameen
mud ke humne koi manzil dekhi hi nahin
raat din raahon pe hum shaam-o-sahar karate hain
(from the movie : Namkeen (1982), Lyrics : Gulzaar)

Excellent song sung by Kishore Kumar.The song has Sanjeev Kumar driving his truck through many towns and countless seasons. It still touches me and i get misty eyed. It reminds me of a long straight road, wind in my hair and a long drive. someday I would like to write a review about this movie (Namkeen).


Blogger Madhu said...

Excellent!!! It's enchanting to find another Pancham fan ....i have a very vague memory of listening to 'ek hi khwaab' once..

Here's one more stanza from the 'GEM' you've mentioned...

aise ujde aashiyaane tinke udgaye
bastiyo tak aate aate raste mudgaye
hum theher jaaye jahaan usko shehar kehte hai...

raah pe rehte hai...yaadon pe basar karte hai...

O brother o brother they dont make songs like that nomore :) it amazes me how much the lyrics and the musical arrangement in this song touches me everytime I listen to it...

Do write more about other Pancham songs..

10:59 AM  

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