Thursday, July 13, 2006


Last Monday myself and my wife went for shopping and as it was already late in the afternoon we decided to have our lunch outside. We went to Nandini Hotel at Domlur circle,Bangalore. Amid heavy rush the floor supervisor accomodated us in two seats at a corner. As we were very hungry, we decided to order for Meals and with chicken as side dish. I randomly went thru the long menu and decided to order for Chicken-65. After giving order and anxiously waiting for the meal I wondered why is this dish called Chicken 65. Why not 01 or 10 or 100, why 65?
For those who have never tried this dish, let me make it clear that it is a chicken fry with lot of masala esp ginger.The next day I decided to check it out on the net - why is it called chicken-65?. I got a few interesting results like :
Story #1 - Some one tried to cook a whole chicken in a pot with 65 dried red chili peppers to make it hot, and then adjusted the spices by adding lime juice to make it more palatable.
Story #2- an expert cook states that 65 chillies are used for every kilo of chicken.
Story #3- According to a waiter, the recipe, which originated in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is best made with a young chicken exactly 65 days old.
Story #4 – It was first made and served in a bar in Kerala in 1965.
Story #5 – It was first served in a hotel on NH 65 (NH 65 runs from Ambala in Punjab to Pali in Rajasthan).
Story #6 – 65 ingredients are used to make the dish.
Story #7 - The name comes from the 65th item on the menu at Buharis hotel on Mount Road Chennai.
Story #8 - Indian soldiers needed something quick and easy during a war in 1965 and the unanimous choice of the soldiers was to have deep-fried boneless chicken pieces dipped in yogurt and spices.

I am unable to come to a conclusion and it will always remain a mystery. But it is really delicious and those who want to try it can check here.


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