Tuesday, July 11, 2006

City of God (Cidade de Deus )

I hate violence in real life but I love violent movies. I saw an excellent movie this weekend, 'City of God'. It is a Brazilian movie about a young boy growing up among the gangs at a slum outside Rio de Janeiro, and his dreams of escaping to become a photographer. It is a very violent, heartbreaking and beautiful and bloody gangster movie based on a true story. After watching this movie I searched and came to know that Rio de Janeiro is a city where tourists are very much afraid to visit.
The film starts off with a brilliant sequence : A visual shot of a butcher knife against a sharpening stone with a tingling sound. Then the screen goes black. Again the same image is flashed for a few seconds and screen goes black. After flashing the same scene for three times we see a skinny chicken watching its former companion being throat cut with the knife. The other chicken manages to get free and starts running on the narrow streets of the slum. It is chased by a group of gun-toting gangster kids.......... and the movie rolls.
check here for the brief review of the movie and also check the official website here.
Full marks to director Fernando Meirelles (his debut film) and cinematographer César Charlone (Even the dust looks beautiful in this movie). Nearly all of the actors are nonprofessionals. The filmmakers conducted yearlong workshops preparing the cast, which was partly composed of street kids with experiences much like those of the characters they portray. The film is brilliant from beginning to end, and keeps the blood pumping. If you liked Martin Scorsese's 'Goodfellas', 'Taxi Driver', 'Mean Streets, and Tarantino's ' Pulp fiction' then do watch 'City of God' because it cuts like a butcher knife — the sharpest one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep reading your articles and like it very much. U R like a burning candle ..... Keep up the good work.

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Thanx Trevi ..:-)

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How can I get a CD?
Nice blog

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Interesting...will try and watch it

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