Thursday, August 10, 2006


Last night I watched Deepa Mehta's Water, a very good movie got stuck because of cheap, dirty Indian politicians. The local politicians did not let Deepa Mehta shoot the move in Varanasi and did lot of hoo ha…but finally the movie completed but it could not get released in India…not even Music too….. Ms. Mehta was not able to resurrect “Water” until four years later, and only then in neighboring Sri Lanka, where she shot under a fake title, “Full Moon,” so as not attract attention.
The movie is all about Widows and how do they live…the story takes back to 1938…starting with a very touching scene…
The family is going somewhere in a cart, the kid is enjoying in her own world, someone is trying hard to keep one old person alive…the kid has no idea about what was happening, she was happy with her sugarcane…
After sometime…her dad comes and tells her…”You are Widow now”…the kid surprisingly asks him “For how much time?”
This was one of the touching scenes of the movie and then the movie adds array of touching and shocking facts which we never knew…The girl Chuiya is sent to widow house to stay with other widows…the world where Widows do not have life…they starve for food, they cannot enjoy with other people…and they turn to prostitution…
The movie throws light on exploitation of widows by rich brahmin people….the movie also tries to show the love between Narayan (who is educated) and Kalyani (who is widow)…but the main aim of the movie was to show the exploitation on widows by other they were dragged to prostitution….
I found this movie perfect from all point of view, music (only songs) by A.R.Rahman was just too good, the background score of the movie was also very good….
The movie was shot very well..I just loved the colors and great cinematography…just amazing…On the acting part, the Kid Sarala who acted the role of Chuiya is toooooooooooooo good. I read somewhere that, Ms. Mehta auditioned 50 girls but chose Sarala, an 8-year-old from a tiny village on the Sri Lanka coast who had never before acted.


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