Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Salgirah mubarak ho....

22nd October.....On this day, Last year I said bye to a care-free bachelorhood and said hello to married life. I still recall the day. A Malayalee wedding at a auditorium near the famous Kottarakara Ganapathy temple With hordes of relatives. Some friends. Priests & photographers and videographers !

That was a day filled with memorable moments caused by many : From anxious parents. To a more anxious brand new in-laws. Gossip from all relatives who had nothing better to do. Lots of colourful dresses. The temple priest and relatives, who kept asking me & my wife to be, to do as many acrobatics on the stage within whatever little breathing spaces was available because the stage was occupied by many relatives, photographers, videographers and childrens.

The smell of rose petal and jasmine garlands, my typical malayalee wedding dress, around 1500 invitees in front of the stage sitting as if to watch the first day first show. Two videographers and photographers who made me and my wife stand in different styles and facial expression, many guests whom I have never seen coming to me and wishing me, all these Seems like yesterday ! For a day and a half, I was a star!

Myself and my wife discussed it all today. The past & the present. And had a good laugh ! Life goes on. As they say, anniversaries are like drinks, after you’ve had one too many, you lose count of it. Today was the first sip.


Anonymous Shankar said...

Hi Sudhi...
Belated wishes....
Happy Wedding Anniversary..

You are right, I still remember the crowd and I guess the most interesting of it was that the crowd almost seem to me like the ants moving around a drop of sugar. But, yeah, I really enjoyed the trip and your close relatives made me feel at home...
nostalgia????? :-)

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belated Wishes. Incidently, that is the day I took a form...I also don't count on that since it is not an achievement like anything else automated. Socially we call Birthday.


6:40 PM  

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