Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year

As I wish everybody 'Happy New Year', I think - the 1st of Jan is just another day like any other. Why can't every day be treated as a Happy New Day? I mean, good things happen to all of us everyday, maybe more for some and less for others but they do happen The sun rises like any other day and sets as usual. But yet, we celebrate it because it is the first day of something new. Everything seems new, whereas, it really isn't. But if you think of it, every day is new and each moment is new.
I get this feeling every morning when my little daughter wakes up. She opens her eyes, looks around and smiles as if she is seeing everybody and everything for the first time. In the soft sunlight of the morning, her bright eyes look brighter as she greets everybody with the same enthusiasm. She bounces, and dances, and looks around every room with delight and smiles happily when she encounters her favourite things. It is as if she re-discovers everybody and everything each day and finds happiness in it. And that fills me with cheer and I find myself looking around and saying, "Yes, Life IS Beautiful."
So this year, along with joy and peace, I wish for all of you the ability to find happiness in every new moment, appreciate little things, and live life to the full.


Anonymous Shankar..... said...

Hi Sudhi,

You said it right! We only wish on New Year and if not wrong we had this Millenium celeberation, so a good question from your side.. why not have a great day everyday... :) and wish everbody to have a wonderful day... good thinking...

6:27 PM  

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